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Momentum 3.5 supports XMPP Roster and Presence as defined in RFC6121 ( This requires the standard XMPP server configuration described in “The XMPP Module and Listener” and an additional scriptlet source.

Configuring for Roster and Presence

XMPP rosters are stored using Riak as the backend with a Lua module providing the interface. XMPP uses the Riak bucket XMPP, and the user's bare JID is used as the key for the roster record for each user. Each roster record is stored as a JSON object. The term "bare JID" is an XMPP address of the form <localpart@domainpart> for an account at a server or of the form <domainpart> for a server.


If you send a message to a user on GoogleTalk but you are not in the GoogleTalk user's roster, then you will receive a 503 error. This appears to be an anti-spam measure implemented by GoogleTalk. To send a message to a contact on GoogleTalk, you must be in that contact's roster.

Management of roster and presence is handled in the background by Lua scripts. To enable XMPP roster/presence add the following script stanza to the scriptlet module.

scriptlet "scriptlet" {
  script "xmpp-presence" {
    source = "msys.xmpp.presence"

Inclusion of this script ensures that XMPP roster and presence requests are handled.


The presence file is found in the /opt/msys/ecelerity/libexec/scriptlets/msys/xmpp directory. This file and other files in this directory are for internal use only and should not be modified.

If you wish to "bulk add" contacts to a roster you can do so by sending an HTTP request to Riak. Find an example below:

shell> curl -X POST -d \
 '{"test1@test": { "name": "test1", "groups": [ "mytest" ], "pending_requests": { }, \
 "subscription": "both" } }' -H "Content-Type: application/json"
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