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This table displays all the non-module-specific configuration options used in configuring MM7—options that are valid outside the mm7 module scope.

Options are sorted alphabetically by name. If an option has a default value, this value is shown and if there are a limited number of legal values these are also shown.

Option/DescriptionTypeDefaultLegal ValuesScopes
mm7_delivery_report – Specify whether to request a Delivery-Report or not in SubmitReqbothfalse binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_http_auth_password (deprecated) – Set the HTTP password in the HTTP requestboth  binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_http_auth_user (deprecated) – Set the HTTP user account in the HTTP requestboth  binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_inactivity_timer (deprecated) – The idle time before tearing down a MM7 connectionboth300 binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_message_class – The MessageClass element in a submitReqboth Personal, Informational, Advertisement, Autobinding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_mmsc_path – Specify the request in the HTTP POST request lineboth/ domain, global
mm7_mmsc_port (deprecated) – Specify the TCP port number for the target MMSC MM7 entityboth8080 domain, global
mm7_mmsc_server (deprecated) – Specify the host name or IP address of the target MMSC MM7 entityboth  domain, global
mm7_mstore_bucket_use_shortcode – Whether or not to use the shortcode as part of the bucket IDbothtrue global
mm7_mstore_save_message – Whether or not to save messages for resubmissionbothtrue binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_namespace – Specify the MM7 namespace prefix for MM7 schema-defined XML element namesboth  binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_number_prefix – Specify the prefix that will be added to the MM7 MT number valueboth  binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_read_reply – Specify in the SubmitReq whether to request a ReadReply report from the MMSC or notbothfalse binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_reply_charging – Whether ReplyCharging is enabled or notbothfalse binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_reply_charging_size – Specify the ReplyChargingSize (an attribute of ReplyCharging element of a the SubmitReq)both0 binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_reply_deadline – Specify the attribute value of ReplyDeadline in the ReplyCharging element in a SubmitReqboth  binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_request_ie_extended – This option is used to support future carrier/aggregator integrationssendingnull binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_response_timer – Specify how long (in seconds) to wait for a MM7 responsesending10 binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_sender_address – Specify the SenderAddress used by the VASP entitybothnull binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_service_code – The ServiceCode element in a submitReq, supplied for billing purposesbothnull binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_soap_attachment_simple_mime – Specify whether the MM7 SOAP attachment can be simple MIME ( text/plain) or notbothtrue binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_soap_env – Specify the SOAP envelope prefixbothenv binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_submit_tracking_cache – The datasource cache name used by MM7 for store and retrieve a SubmitReq's delivery timebothecdb global
mm7_submit_tracking_schema – The database schema used by MM7 to store and retrieve a SubmitReq's delivery timebothmm7 global
mm7_use_namespace_in_body – Whether to use the namespace prefix in the SOAP body partbothfalse binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_vasid – Specify the VASID used by the VASP entitybothMessageSystems-VASID binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_vaspid – Specify the VASPID used by the VASP entityboth  binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_version – Specify the MM7 version used in this VASP entityboth6.8.0 binding, binding_group, domain, global
mm7_xml_schema – Specify the XML Schema Namespace used by the VASP domainboth binding, binding_group, domain, global

MM7 Configuration Option Details

Detailed descriptions of the MM7 options follow.

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