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Delivery receipts are messages generated from carrier and/or aggregator network equipment notifying a short message submitter of an intermediate or final status of an SMS submission.

Two parameters in Mobile Momentum control deliver receipt handling. First, delivery receipts are requested for message submissions by setting the SMPP_Registered_Delivery configuration parameter to one of the following the classes of delivery status:

  • SMSC_Delivery

  • SMSC_Delivery_Failure

  • SME_Delivery

  • SME_User

  • Intermediate

If you wish to receive delivery receipts, consult with your carrier or provider about which classes of delivery receipts are supported on their network.

If you are receiving delivery receipts, use the SMPP_Notify_Deliver_Receipt option to forward receipts as email to the original sender. The following list specifies the delivery status values that can be returned:

  • ALL








Both of these configuration parameters use array notation to accept multiple values.

In the following example, the SMPP_Registered_Delivery option requests delivery notifications of the type SMSC_Delivery_Failure for its SMS submissions. SMPP_Notify_Deliver_Receipt is set to ALL, indicating that email messages are to be constructed for all delivery receipt message status types.

domain "" {
  SMPP_Registered_Delivery = ("SMSC_Delivery_Failure")
  SMPP_Notify_Deliver_Receipt = ("ALL")
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