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The following parameters may be used to tailor Email to SMS message conversion and the SMS/Email interworking format of Mobile Momentum SMS transmissions.

  1. SMPP_Max_Sms_Message_Size – default 140

  2. SMPP_Sms_Segment_Size – default 140

  3. SMPP_Max_Sms_From_Size – default 0

  4. SMPP_Max_Sms_Subject_Size – default 10

SMPP_Max_Sms_Message_Size restricts the total message length while SMPP_Sms_Segment_Size specifies the size of SMS segments. If SMPP_Max_Sms_Message_Size is larger than SMPP_Sms_Segment_Size, then any messages larger than SMPP_Sms_Segment_Size will be sent in multiple segments as described in the smpp_max_sms_message_size, "Email to SMS Conversions". SMPP_Max_Sms_From_Size and SMPP_Max_Sms_Subject_Size are lengths of the email sender address and email subject to include in the SMS message according to the SMS/Email interworking format. SMPP_Max_Sms_Message_Size is inclusive of SMPP_Max_Sms_From_Size and SMPP_Max_Sms_Subject_Size.

domain "" {
  SMPP_Max_Sms_Message_Size = 140
  SMPP_Sms_Segment_Size = 140
  SMPP_Max_Sms_From_Size = 12
  SMPP_Max_Sms_Subject_Size = 10

Using the above configuration, the email message Greetings from Orlando! from with the subject stay in touch would result in the following truncated SMS text:

mickey@disne (stay in to) Greetings from Orlando!

To turn off email/SMS interworking formatting, set: SMPP_Max_Sms_Subject_Size = 10 and set SMPP_Max_Sms_From_Size from the default to 0.

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