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The default use case for routing to SMS via Mobile Momentum is simply to supply a phone number for the localpart of the RCPT TO address. By using Lua scripts and adding lookup tables to the PostgreSQL database, Mobile Momentum can easily be adapted to other use cases.

This chapter documents scripts for the following use cases:

  • Route to SMS matching a Regex in the Subject Header

  • Route to SMS based on the recipient address

  • Route to SMS based on the sender IP address

  • Route to SMS based on the sender From address

In each case a different Lua script named smpp_routeSMS.lua is created. Create the Lua script that suits your purposes and add a script stanza to the existing scriptlet module as shown below:

scriptlet "scriptlet" {
  script "t" {
    source = "smpp_routeSMS.lua"

For more information about creating Lua scripts see Implementing Policy Using Scriptlets. Depending upon the location of the directory where you save your Lua script, you may need to specify the directory as well as the script name. For more information on this topic see scriptlet – Module.

Each use case described here reads data from a PostgreSQL table. You can create tables using the PostgreSQL client psql, which is found in the /opt/msys/3rdParty/bin directory on the Momentum machine where the database role has been installed. In a cluster configuration, this is typically the cluster manager. For more information about PostgreSQL and Momentum see PostgreSQL.

Route to SMS Matching a Regex in the Subject Header

When a specific phrase appears in the subject header of an email use a database query to map the email address to a phone number.

In this example, an email with the Subject toSMS addressed to is sent as a text message to

Create a table in the smpp schema:

CREATE TABLE smpp.sms_address_mapping
  from_address text NOT NULL,
  to_address text NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT sms_address_mapping_pkey PRIMARY KEY (from_address, to_address)

Populate this table with records as in the following example:

INSERT INTO smpp.sms_address_mapping values ("",

Create the Lua script shown below, name it smpp_routeSMS.lua and save it in a directory that is in the Lua search path—/opt/msys/ecelerity/etc/conf/default/policy, for example. Be sure to add the script to the repository as described in Best Practices for Manually Created Policy Scripts.


local mod = {};

  use case scenarios: please modify the following function to adjust
  the logic to decide whether a message should be routed to SMS or not
  return value:
  1: success
  0: fail

-- match regex within the email subject
local function subject_match(msg, pattern)
  local subject = table.concat(msg:header("Subject"));
  return msys.pcre.match(subject, pattern);

  local funtions starts here
  These functions are used by hook functions to change SMS Destination Address

local function set_sms_dst_domain(msg, domain)
  msys.core.ec_message_context_set(msg, msys.core.ECMESS_CTX_MESS, "SMS_Destination_Domain", domain);

local function set_sms_dst_number(msg, num)
  msys.core.ec_message_context_set(msg, msys.core.ECMESS_CTX_MESS, "SMS_Destination_Address", num);

-- address: RFC2822 format: user+detail@domain
local function set_sms_dst(msg, address)
    set_sms_dst_domain(msg, table.concat(msys.parseRFC2822Addresses(address, "domain")));
    set_sms_dst_number(msg, table.concat(msys.parseRFC2822Addresses(address, "user")));

  exported functions or hooks starts here

function mod:validate_data_spool_each_rcpt(msg, accept, context)
  if msg == nil then
    return msys.core.VALIDATE_CONT;

  local toSMS = 0;

  local matches, err = subject_match(msg, "(?i)tosms");
  if err ~= nil then
    print("Error when decide route2SMS: ", err);
  elseif matches == nil then
    print("Disable route2SMS!");
    print("Enable route2SMS");
    toSMS = 1;

  if toSMS == 0 then
    return msys.core.VALIDATE_DONE;

  -- DB query to find SMS destination. Query returns "phone_number@domain"
  local orig_address = msg:rcptto();
  local ritr, dberr = msys.db.query("ecdb", "SELECT to_address FROM smpp.sms_address_mapping »
    WHERE from_address = ?", {orig_address});

  if ritr == nil then
    print("unable to issue query: ", dberr);
    for row in ritr do
      -- modify SMS destination carried in ec_message
      set_sms_dst(msg, row.to_address);

  return msys.core.VALIDATE_DONE;

function mod:core_config_get_message_routing_domain(cs, msg, buff, len)
  buff:set(msys.core.ec_message_context_get(msg, msys.core.ECMESS_CTX_MESS, "SMS_Destination_Domain"));
  return #buff;

msys.registerModule("smpp", mod);
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