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Function Interface for Lua

function mod:smpp_log_status(conn, msg, error)

Function Interface for C

static void sample_smpp_log_status_hook (void  *closure,
smpp_conn* conn, ec_message * m, const char* error)


Parameters passed into this hook:

  1. a reference to the smpp_conn structure

  2. an ec_message

  3. an error description carried in the deliver receipt if there is one

The ec_message context variables carry the following extra information from the delivery receipt:

Context Key NameDescription
#mess_statstring description of the message_state in delivery receipt, e.g. "Scheduled", "Delivered", "Expired", etc
#mess_idremote message id allocated to the message by the SMSC when originally submitted
#mess_typestring description of the esm_class in delivery receipt

Return Values


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