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Function Interface for Lua

Lua implementations use the following interface:

function mod:mm7_handle_submitRsp(msg)

The parameter "msg" is an ec_message. Lua implementations must use the function name mod:mm7_handle_submitRsp.

Function Interface for C

C implementations use the following interface (e.g.):

static int sample_mm7_handle_submitRsp_hook (void  *gself,
ec_message * m)

Note that (unlike Lua) the function name is not significant since the function is registered during module initialization (see example).

Return Values

The hook implementation may set the following return values to instruct the subsequent response process:

  • MM7_CONTINUE (0) - continue normal processing including any temp/perm fail processing indicated by the HTTP/MM7 response status code.

  • MM7_TEMP_FAIL (1) - consider the message tempfailed regardless the status code in the response.

  • MM7_PERM_FAIL (2) - consider the message permfailed regardless the status code in the response.

  • MM7_DELIVERED (3) - consider the message "delivered" (successfully) regardless the status code in the response.

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