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Momentum 4.4.0 Changelog

Last updated October 2021

Momentum 4.4.0 was released on 2021-09-01. This section will list all of the major changes that happened with the release of Momentum 4.4.0. Depending on installation type, all changes may not be applicable

FixSD-2606spf_parser_v1 can malloc size 0
FixSD-2574resident message count may be incorrect
FixSD-2350messages may be incorrectly rejected with relaying denied
FeatureSD-2743introduced msg_gen scheduled send functionality
FeatureSD-1427Bump versions of all packages required for ecconfigd/eccfg
FeatureSD-321Upgrade to a newer curl version (using one from 2013)
FeatureSD-2365introduced HA Proxy client module
FeatureSD-2458Added support for openssl fips_mode
FeatureSD-2563Introduced tls_params lua module
FeatureSD-2744Introduced xfer delivery module
FeatureSD-2712Config Option to disable the bind_addresses IP check
FixSD-1170Upgraded gnutls to version 3.3.0 and nghttp2 to 1.44.0
FixTR-2081ectop should not throw errors on exited threads
FixSD-1414SMTP AUTH module does not support temporary auth failures
FixSD-1417fcm module crashes when given invalid mime
FixSD-1426messages could stuck in active queue forever when sent on a binding failed to connect to remote host
FeatureSD-1438smtp tracer enhanced outbound connection logging
FeatureSD-1436esmtp trace connection acceptance and destruction
FeatureSD-1469Bump json-c and sqlite versions and fix packaging
FixSD-1437esmtp trace gnutls handshake failure details
FixSD-1276permfail emails to NXDOMAIN immediately instead of tempfail
FixSD-1489generic_delivery module overwrites smtp_state_notconnected state id
FixSD-1453consecutive outbound connection failures did not trigger message delay as expected
FixSD-1457Always use latest system timestamps in paniclog output
FeatureSD-1395log tls cipher used for SMTP injections and deliveries
FeatureTR-2207Add support for pthread rwlocks to Lua
FixTR-2239Reduce pinned Lua garbage by disabling pinning of Lua threads for completions
FixSD-1494Debug messages logged at critical
FeatureSD-1544Provide an option to set msg:routing_domain without using context variables
FixSD-1573rcpt_type is not included in event data when domain is mixed case using SMTP API
FeatureSD-1439control command to list binding domain stats
FixSD-1609memory leak on Event when connection is closed due to throttle
FeatureSD-1343Enable periodic GC on Lua threads for SMTP reception sessions
FeatureSD-1326Upgrade jlog library to latest release
FixSD-1546ecxs is subtly broken when trying to pass linker options
FixSD-1542suspend_delivery can cause repeated updates to next_attempt and swap to disk
FixSD-1587several ec_console commands missing from online help
FixTR-2310Disable pinning of Lua threads for completions by default
FeatureSD-1588Improve connect_timeout_to_delay logic
FeatureSD-1690Please document the -1 switch for mx_fallback_to_A in Momentum
FeatureSD-933Document the rollup MX feature for combining traffic to a Service Provider into one routing domain
FeatureTR-2132Improve efficiency of Lua JSON string accesses
FeatureTR-2341Add "scheduled_time" to message events
FixSD-1618EC_Console command to display audit series data safely
FeatureSD-1108Accept an On Prem Customer's Custom Message ID for Pass Through to the Signals Agent
FixTR-2238Momentum crashes on negative Content-Length header
FixSD-1569liveupdated adaptive rules get mistakenly removed after MTA deployment or upgrade
FixSD-1127vctx:iterate_rcpt() leaks memory
FixSD-1362AD rule "throttle down" is not working
FixSD-1811Clip AD settings below configured thresholds
FeatureTR-2464Add configuration option to do step GC on Lua trash thread instead of full GC
FeatureTR-2467Maintain separate statistics on global trace and GC on global Lua state
FixSD-2030Momentum bounce classifier is not handling code 30
FixSD-1492Allow dns_print_domain to be safely called outside of the control command framework
FeatureSD-2029Upgrade jlog library to latest release
FixSD-1730Additional logging for null key or value in validate context
FixSD-2121SMTPAPI queues multi-recipient messages for some recipients when the SMTP transaction fails with 4xx/5xx
FixTR-2716Crash in msg_gen handling of MSGC messages
FeatureSD-2320Add configuration option to warn when a timed event blocks event loop too long
FeatureSD-2374Support running Lua code in a specific event loop thread (msys.runInInst)
FeatureSD-2234Provide maintainer thread PIDs to help understand CPU usage with tools like top
FixSD-2422Scheduled time ignored for messages injected into binding suspended by Adaptive Delivery
FeatureSD-1746IPv6 doc updates
FeatureTR-2829Disallow CRLF in content.inline_images in the Transmissions API
FeatureSD-2161Allow ecelerity threadpool stats to be reset
FixSD-2558After a config reload the DSN module starts sending duplicate acknowledgements
FeatureSD-2689Add a new hookpoint after TLS accept
FixSD-2734SSL_GET_ERROR() causing protocol deviation errors.
FeatureSD-1564Document that the 'closure' argument is not passed to lua hook implementations
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