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Momentum 4.3.1 Changelog

Last updated April 2020

Momentum 4.3.1 was released on 2020-01-07. This section will list all of the major changes that happened with the release of Momentum 4.3.1. Depending on installation type, all changes may not be applicable

FixSD-254Changed Momentum shutdown to delay until all events are logged
FeatureSD-642Changed Lua script ownership to ecuser
FeatureSD-654Added logging of rejection due to low memory during SMTP reception
FeatureSD-791Added configuration option to periodically run GC on Lua threads for SMTP reception sessions
FixSD-836Fixed issue where outbound_connection_id was populated even when no delivery was attempted
FeatureSD-842Improved logging of internal_inject2 failures
FeatureSD-850Updated libssh2 from v1.4.3 to v1.8.2 to resolve vulnerabilities
FeatureSD-885Updated gstack_ecelerity quiet mode to handle sem_wait callstacks from new versions of glibc
FeatureSD-909Updated HTTP/2 library to nghttp v1.39.1 from v1.15.0
FeatureSD-941Changed start-up time calculation to include Lua scriptlet first initialization
FeatureSD-958Made ecuser the owner of lu_pull files and directories
FixSD-969Fixed intermittent failure to detect message body end during SMTP injection
FeatureSD-980Added TLS status (outbound_tls) field to Events
FixSD-987Fixed global scope outbound throttle calculation so adaptive honors adaptive_rules
FixSD-1008Fixed rcpt_type field in events for multi-recipient SMTP messages
FixSD-1048Made Momentum tolerant of missing in SMTP commands
FixSD-1087Fixed incorrect treatment of tempfails as permfails when ec_message_set_next_attempt hook sets a specific return value
FixSD-1106Fixed crash when ec_is_binding_domain_suspended is called with an invalid binding_id
FeatureSD-1150Updated lu_pull to address an HTTP (non-TLS) proxy server issue
FixSD-1157Fixed crash in smtp_parse_capabilities
FixSD-1181Fixed crash when extracting empty message parts
FeatureSD-1193Changed lua to generate XML with encoding string "utf-8" rather than "utf8"
FeatureSD-1198Limited SPF redirection count to avoid endless loop when a domain redirects to itself
FeatureSD-1199Changed to preserve message next attempt time on Momentum restart
FeatureSD-1231Upgraded Cyren Commtouch CTASD 5.01.0000.1 package to CTASD 5.01.0008.1
FeatureSD-1252Fixed ec_console reroute queue
FixSD-1279Fixed crash resulting from a leading \n in ec_console commands
FixSD-1281Made connection deallocation thread safe
FeatureSD-1312Added configuration option to swap out message metadata after tempfails
FeatureSD-1324CSAPI upgraded to the latest SDK ( to 10.0.4_HF02)
FeatureSD-1328Fixed issue where Momentum failed to send emails with large body
FixSD-1334Fixed issue where custom logger message context values did not correctly load from spool
FixTR-1166Fixed delay when Postgres queries fail in ec_datasource_parser_execute
FeatureTR-1198Added label for REST-injected AMP messages in the event log
FeatureTR-1210Added label for SMTP-injected AMP mails in the eventlog
FeatureTR-1389Moved checkpoint file creation out of IO threadpool into a separate threadpool
FixSD-1414Improve SMTP Auth failure handling and align status messages with RFC-4954
FixTR-1688Corrected handling of empty trailing URL query parameters
FixTR-1945Added retry to global trace when unable to obtain the "all threads" lock
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