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Momentum 4.2.40 Changelog

Last updated April 2020

Momentum 4.2.40 was released on 2018-10-23. This section will list all of the major changes that happened with the release of Momentum 4.2.40. Depending on installation type, all changes may not be applicable.

Feature EpicTR-203Transmission API latency improvements
FeatureMO-7827Add config option for message generation's maximum reuse of a Lua thred, default = 400
FeatureMO-5407Remove support for the Momentum 4.0 APIs (v0 APIs)
FeatureMO-7454Event fields with no value will not be returned at all, as opposed to the previous behavior of returning an empty array value of [] or a zero, 0
FeatureMO-7690New config option fo rwhether to open a new connection for TLS Fallback when remote server rejects the STARTTLS request (default = true)
FeatureSD-114Include the msys opendkim-devel package in release bundles
FeatureSD-138New and improved ec_console commands to clear thread pool statistics
FeatureSD-171Updated multiple 3rd part packages to latest for performance and security fixed
FeatureSD-179Updated jemalloc to latest for performance and security fixes
FeatureSD-2Improve detail returned from ec_console command threads cpu queue
FixSD-212Prevent overly-long from domain in feedback-loop message from causing buffer overflow and crash
FixMO-7567Fix memory leak occurring when using the msys.dnsLookup Lua API with Momentum
FixTR-273Prevent scenario where ecelerity lua garbage collection can deadlock
FixSD-63Prevent outbound_smtp_auth from reusing connections for messages with differing credentials. Put the message back in the active queue, and close the connection down
FixMO-7502Fixed remaining cases of holding onto the old MX when mx rollup used to change a domain's MX (see MO-6192 in 4.2.38 changelog)
FixSD-197Prevent crash when unbound is the DNS backend and a response for an especially long domain name is processed
FixMO-7255Make rerouting an enqueued message in smpp module supercharger compatible
FixMO-7741Prevent improper logging of a rejection when SMTP listener connection times out
FixMO-7885Fix yupo extra trailing \0 in outbound SMTP authentication with PLAIN auth
FixSD-134Fixed bug in Adaptive Delivery warm-up implementation of positive_adjustment_interval
FixSD-155Provide differentiated log messages for whether message in delayed queue expired or exceeded max retries
FixSD-194Ensure the relay_hostts check is still performed when the domain matches against the bounce_domains but not the bounce_patterns
FixSD-20Unconditionally reset the connection context variables when cached TLS sessions are reused
FixSD-21Fixed bug in Adaptive Delivery handling of outbound_throttle_messages
FixSD-65Prevent Adaptive Delivery custom argument rules from overriding configuration options
FixTR-59Shut down listeners earlier in shutdown process, to prevent accepting new connections during the shutdown
FixMO-6488Reduce the amount of audit series logging when tracking events occur but the click_tracking module is not loaded
FixMO-6817Fix defect that bare CRs were not being converted in content.txt and content.html resulting in DKIM failures
FixMO-7111Fix bug in updating of the template last_use field
FixMO-7189Fix crash scenario where thread connection deletion was being attempted twice on the same thread
FixMO-7779Fix scenario where a negative value was reported for time message has spent engueued
FixTR-102Fix incorrect 500 error code in case of transmissions API input not formatted as a json object
FixSD-147Rename is_scheduler_thread and is_a_scheduler_thread functions to is_master_scheduler and is_event_loop, respectively. The is_scheduler_thread function, maintained for backward compatibility, will generate a compiler warning when used
FixSD-75Repair broken 2-decimal precision on mainlog timestamps
FixSD-93Correct the error code assignment upon blackholing of an Out Of Band bounce
FixTR-335Fix unitialized variables found in pcre.c by valgrind debug tool
EnhancementTR-299Enhance the scriptlet thread stats console command to include a new section for block mutators timing
EnhancementSD-252Improve thread-specific logging during event/file descriptor issues
EnhancementTR-287Ensure all caches have names and appear in the cache list all console command's output
EnhancementSD-258Update Hot domains config to make more efficient use of the mailq maintainer
EnhancementMO-6323Remove defunct email_message data structures and related functions
EnhancementMO-6913Write Milestone events to paniclog for major system and config state changes
EnhancementMO-7721Echo config reload command to paniclog, with new logging type CONSL, with INFO severity
EnhancementMO-7806Add support for positive delivery confirmation via DSN, part 1: Implement DSN extensions
EnhancementTR-3Add support for positive delivery confirmation via DSN, part 2: implement the delivery notifications
EnhancementSD-236Improve event-stashing handling and diagnostics during SMTP delivery connection reuse
EnhancementSD-66Added API to DSN module to allow custom code to rewrite/add/get/remove recipient addresses
EnhancementSD-73Provide a new optional custom postfix_logger, in addition to maintaining the core postfix_logger module for backwards compatibility
EnhancementTR-121New ec_console commands to show only busy threadpools and their statistics
EnhancementTR-229Include ecelerity version in Milestone: Startup beginning log statement to track when new software is taking effect
EnhancementTR-96Remove Lua variable in favour of config variable msg_gen.scheduled_send, the only configuration option that now controls scheduled send
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