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Momentum 4.2.31 Changelog

Last updated April 2020

Momentum 4.2.31 was released on 2017-06-29. This section will list all of the major changes that happened with the release of Momentum 4.2.31. Depending on installation type, all changes may not be applicable.

Feature EpicPGM-778 (part 1)Support Inline Generation, Engagement Tracking, SMTPAPI and Webhooks on RHEL7
Feature EpicPGM-778 (part 2)Support Inline Generation, Engagement Tracking, SMTPAPI and Webhooks without the Cassandra DB (with a reduced feature set)
Feature EpicENG-42Remove transient data for immediate transmissions from Cassandra
FeatureMO-6474Support deeplinking for GCM
FixMO-6387/MO-6501Fix memory leaks found in valgrind debug tests
FixMO-6351Ensure the ILF Logger correctly counts deliveries for push notifications
FixMO-6434Fix issue in hot domains to prevent potential crashs on ecelerity restarts
FixMO-6473Prevent potential race condition in cidr_query when the cidrdb is queried while still being loaded
FixMO-5077Prevent double dot-stuffing in SMTPAPI
FixMO-6386Fix potential race condition during multi-segment message reassembly
FixMO-6399Fix reference number incrementing of outgoing long-SMS (segmented) messages
FixMO-6437Fix transmission API header injection vulnerability (disallow CRLF in
FixMO-6458Fixed transmissions error due to nil element in recipient list validation
FixMO-6460Prevent proxy modules crashes during DNS failures
FixMO-6623Prevent multi-line rfc2047 header corruption due to breaking up a UTF-8 character
FixMO-4969/MO-6020Properly rfc2047-encode unquoted non-ascii characters in address headers
FixMO-6455Fix crash when console command scriptlet eval is executed without providing the required parameters
FixMO-6282Fix crash when events remained on a thread connection that was switched to another thread
FixMO-6609Fix recently introduced issues flagged by Coverity debug tool
FixMO-6357Ensure connections get released when message fails to deliver on http2 connection
EnhancementMO-6552Include next_attempt time in logged tempfail event
EnhancementMO-6562Include failure reason in the logged event for messages in the delayed queue
EnhancementMO-5439Standardize DB tables' grace periods to avoid issues with deleted record replicas (tombstones)
EnhancementMO-6441Provide console command for Lua thread creation/reuse statistics
EnhancementMO-6322Tempfail the first delivery attempt of a message suspended by Adaptive Delivery
EnhancementMO-6703Increase default value for SWAPOUT thread pool concurrency from 5 to 20
EnhancementMO-6700Include the latest published Adaptive Delivery and Bounce rules
EnhancementMO-6516Enhance Lua logging during recipient list validation
EnhancementMO-6368Update Cyren AV (née Commtouch) ctasd module to version 5.01.0000.1
EnhancementMO-6497Add external_hostname config variable to allow overriding the hostname on outbound headers
EnhancementMO-6444Destroy Lua threads inline to improve 'garbage collection' threadpool efficiency
EnhancementMO-6120Refactored mobility loggers' timestamp macros to use a single common function
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