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Momentum 4.2.28 Changelog

Last updated April 2020

Momentum 4.2.28 was released on 2017-01-20. This section will list all of the major changes that happened with the release of Momentum 4.2.28. Depending on installation type, all changes may not be applicable.

Feature EpicENG-27Switch to DataStax C/C++ Driver for C* for better perfomance and features
Feature EpicPGM-176Allow the user to include attachments with a transmission
Feature EpicPGM-261Support Momentum 4 on RHEL7 OS; deprecate support for Momentum 4 on RHEL5
Feature EpicPGM-409Provide message source traceability
Feature EpicPGM-457Support iOS Universal Links
Feature EpicPGM-473Major improvements to Mobile Push Code
Feature EpicPGM-545Increase Push payload size
Feature EpicPGM-554Fully support Push Notifications through the Transmissions API
Feature EpicPGM-555BETA
FeatureMO-3369Incorporate error-checking for the day of the month passed into a scheduled transmission
FeatureMO-3689Make click-tracking URL metadata size configurable
FeatureMO-4205Add the sp-proxy rpm to the platform role
FeatureMO-4327Implement cluster-wide unique ID per event in the event hose
FeatureMO-4393Add message subject line to event hose
FeatureMO-4435Add mo_origination context variable to inbound traffic accordingly to resolve targeted counting issue
FeatureMO-4765Change username check (rest auth) for smtp injections to be case insensitive
FeatureMO-4843Provide actionable error message when SMTP AUTH LOGIN is not attempted on port 587 injections
FeatureMO-4853Add inj_tls flag to SMTP transmission_creation events
FeatureMO-5011Implement ability for html message content to pass through a css inliner transformation post-generation
FeatureMO-5418Upgrade to valgrind memory debugging tool version 3.11
FeatureMO-6244Upgrade DataStax driver and libuv library.
FixMO-3213Fix SMTPAPI qp encoding producing message body lines > 1000 bytes in length
FixMO-3764make invalid UTF-8 bytes be escaped or removed before logging
FixMO-3993Show msg_gen rejection 'reason' string in sync transmission http response 'description' json field
FixMO-4022Engagement Tracking
FixMO-4211Fix failure to dkim sign an email with rfc2047 encoded From header
FixMO-4213Fix issues with gmail and hotmail on rfc2047 fully encoded From header
FixMO-4283Provide inband event in event log for permanent failure due to malformed recipient email address
FixMO-4302Prevent out-of-band bounces from generating two events, resulting in double counting
FixMO-4309Remove pre-existing DKIM signatures before signing outbound messages
FixMO-4315Fix Transmissions API hitting non-existent table upon deleting failed transmissions from transmission table
FixMO-4322Fix SMTPAPI original and archive messages having different links
FixMO-4332Fix for scenarios where non-UTF-8 data gets transmitted in relay webhooks json
FixMO-4337Fix Engagement Tracker to properly handle tracked links that have been URI-encoded
FixMO-4367Prevent crashes when using `tags
FixMO-4370Fix failure to opendkim sign an email with rfc2047 encoded From header
FixMO-4385Remove extra '550' code from relay denied reason string
FixMO-4387Include msys-cpan-Devel-GDB, which ec_runtests (in Developer Tools) now requires.
FixMO-4404Fix remaining cases where 404 was being returned for other than when the main resource was unavailable
FixMO-4474Ensure origination flag is provided in case where an OOB message is rejected before it's flagged as an OOB
FixMO-4528Convert APN Push Notification badge code from string to number
FixMO-4595Fix stoppage of Event data going into RabbitMQ when RabbitMQ is restarted
FixMO-4603Prevent segfault triggered by oob_extract_orig_headers for a particular syntax in the OOB message
FixMO-4607Fix race condition for Stored Recipient List occuring when user supplies the List ID
FixMO-4621Fix corner-case of Event hydrant writing Invalid JSON when email subject starts with '[2]'
FixMO-4702Allow periods in template names
FixMO-4779Ensure hard tabs in subject field are json-encoded (escaped as \t) in the events
FixMO-4789Reset curl options for each request from msys.http.client, so a POST after a PUT will succeed.
FixMO-4805Headers such as 'subject', 'from', and 'to' will be RFC2047-decoded and encoded as UTF-8 in event hose.
FixMO-4815Allow SMTP injection with empty body instead of rejecting it
FixMO-4941Include the latest published AD / Bounce rules with Momentum
FixMO-5002Fix ordering of the Transmission Creation, Reception and Delivery events for synchronous transmissions
FixMO-5010Ensure event type consistency for Push messages
FixMO-5024The c-ares resolver for DNS requests will process DNAME records correctly
FixMO-5103Safely abort momentum startup if a scriptlet module init() function returns 'false'
FixMO-5138Ignore substitution curly braces in SMTP injected message headers
FixMO-5169Do not evaluate single curly braces as substitution expressions in SMTP bodies
FixMO-5287Qualify all UPDATE's in sending-domains with IF EXISTS to mitigate race conditions
FixMO-5308Fix remaining cases where 400 was being returned for 'system unavailable' instead of the proper 500
FixMO-5384Prevent segfault during msg_gen recovery during ecelerity startup and a template fails to compile
FixMO-5390Repair memory leak in template compilation when dynamic substitutions fail
FixMO-5415Fix buffer overrun in mo_write_rabbitmq_ext_init while processing the skip_events configuration option
FixMO-5424Fix rendering for preview failure when we have links in the dynamic content
FixMO-5448Make MIME parser case-insensitive for the boundary parameter name
FixMO-5476Fix msys.http.client was handling HTTP response headers with case-sensitivity
FixMO-5480Fix cases where 5xx was being returned for template validation errors instead of the proper 4xx code
FixMO-5488Don't rebuild engagement_tracker tags cache when maximum 100 tags is reached; increase TTL to 10 minutes
FixMO-5516Fix Momentum APIs timeouts caused by leaking C* connections in recovery path
FixMO-5596Fix scenarios where event hose was outputting incorrectly formatted JSON
FixMO-5656Fix Memory leak in TLS
FixMO-5659Fix Cloudmark anti-spam filter abort when recipient count exceeded 16
FixMO-5665Permit headers to be defined in Push transmission content, not just for email messages
FixMO-5677Upgrade the shipped Symantec CSAPI version to 10.0.4 HF01 to address security vulnerabilities
FixMO-5710Fix lack of generation failure event when error encountered while compiling URL
FixMO-5715Fix corner-case memory leak potential in the fbl module's error handling path
FixMO-5730Fix cases where 5xx was returned instead of 4xx by previewer when had subsitution syntax errors
FixMO-5742Make SNMP compatible with Supercharger (multi-threading)
FixMO-5745Fix pulling of adaptive updates via lu_pull through proxy
FixMO-5752Enable Batching module to work with SuperCharger
FixMO-5799Perform size estimation before JSON validation in order to reject oversize transmissions early
FixMO-5827The msgpart:text function will only dot-stuff lines that are not already stuffed by the qp encoder
FixMO-5831Remove unneccessary ecelerity package dependencies on system development packages
FixMO-5861Raise log level of 'engagement_tracker
FixMO-5889Resolve the memory issue sometimes causing ecelerity crashes during shutdown before it can spool out
FixMO-5924Ensure domain purge occurs as expected when DNS lookup fails continously and hits the defined limit
FixMO-5955SMTPAPI does not check for proper character encoding in the X-MSYS-API header
FixMO-5960Make using TCP for DNS the default, as now more common for size of TXT records to exceed the UDP maximum
FixMO-5963Fix race condition between resuming/closing idle connections
FixMO-5994Fix outbound_smtp_auth module configuration broken because ECM file for it was empty
FixMO-6023Fix memory leak when using TLS
FixMO-6027Address security vulnerability by preventing using substitution expressions in headers to inject new headers
FixMO-6115Enforce a maximum size for recipient substitution_data to prevent issues in the event-hose pipeline.
FixMO-6179Repair support for using * as a bind_address
FixMO-6181Fix segmented SMPP messages getting discarded if the segments went to different nodes
FixMO-6219Ensure an ecelerity shutdown waits for active threadpool jobs to complete.
FixMO-6236Switch to using GNUTLS for SMPP over TLS instead of OpenSSL
FixMO-6249Provide api_webhooks.conf file in sample-configs/nginx
FixMO-6302Fix invalid event-hydrant JSON from messages with json object subject that mixes single and double quotes
FixMO-6312Fix 1-segment SMS delivery problem when config value is set that also allows long messages
EnhancementMO-4497Suppress creation of memory-mapped files for single-recipient, scheduled transmissions until time of generation
EnhancementMO-4503Process start_time now scheduled mailing like an immediate mailing
EnhancementMO-4551Provide additional logging for AD when we execute a rule-triggered suspension
EnhancementMO-4571Platform REST APIs will return an empty list with code 200 when message generation is not licensed
EnhancementMO-5153Treat scheduled start_time values in the past as now in the transmisions API
EnhancementMO-5824Make control command drb_dump support Supercharger mode
EnhancementMO-6039Support formatted timestamp in smpp_logger, gcm_logger and apns_logger
EnhancementMO-6319Add queue_time and num_retries to inband bounce events
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