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Previewing and Testing Your Template

Last updated March 2020

You can preview and test your template by specifying test data in the New Template form. Test data must be in the form of a JSON object of key/value pairs of recipient-specific data. Click Edit, select the Test Data tab, and type your test data using the online editor. Note that the test data is not saved.

“Test Data” shows test data for the Simple Template. In this example, John, simple stored template , and My Company will replace {{name}}, {{subject}}, and {{company}}, respectively, in the preview of your template.

Previewing Your Email

You can preview the HTML content, plain text content, and top-level header substitution of your email using the UI. To preview your template, click Preview and select the appropriate tab.

“Preview Template” shows a preview of the HMTL content for the Simple Template. Notice the substitution for {{name}} and {{subject}}.

“Preview Template Details” shows a preview of the Template Details for the Simple Template. Notice the substitution for {{name}} and {{company}}.

Sending a Test Email

In addition to the preview function, you can send a test email from the UI, using your test data to expand your template. Click the arrow on the right-hand side of the Save Draft button. In the list, click Send Test.

In the Sent Test form, enter your recipient's address and click Send.

If successful, a message will briefly appear indicating that your message was successfully queued. Your recipient should receive an email with your test data included in the message body.

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