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Creating an API Key

Last updated March 2020

In the Settings section, click the New API Key icon in the upper-right corner to open the Create New API Key form, as shown in “Create New API Key”.

Enter the following information:

  • Label - User-friendly label for the API key

  • Account Password - Password for account to verify access

    Your password is required to securely authorize this addition to your account.

Grants specify the permissions assigned to the API key. Select the grant types that you want from the list displayed. It is always best practice to ONLY select the permissions that are necessary. When complete, click Create to create your new API key.

If the API key is successfully created, a message will display upon return to the Settings section showing the value of the API key.


Be sure to copy and paste the API key when it is displayed. Following the creation of an API key, you can modify its grants and associated label, but the UI will no longer expose the original value. Please take care to record and safeguard your API keys at all times.

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