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Update Web UI Configuration

Last updated March 2020

  1. Backup the production.json file then copy the default.json file to production. Answer yes at the prompt.

    cp /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/production.json /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/production.json.bkup
    cp /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/default.json /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/production.json
  2. Manually migrate environment-specific settings from the /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/production.json.bkup file to the /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/production.json file.

    All apiPorts and apiHosts default to localhost when set to false. This should be fine in most situations. There should not be many changes, and if the hosts are different they may need to be applied to the new API configuration stanzas. Specifically check for auth -> enabled and API hosts.

  3. Edit the /opt/msys/app/webui/scripts/config/production.json file to turn on auth and adaptive delivery reporting.

      "auth" : {
        "enabled": true
      "adaptiveDelivery" : {
        "enabled": true
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