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Using the Metrics API for Reporting

Last updated March 2020


Throughout the previous sections, you have used the UI to provide insight into your message deliverability and campaign performance. The examples provided have been simple in nature, yet Momentum provides a vast amount of reporting and analytics data. All the capabilities provided in the UI are also available using the Metrics API.

The Metrics API enables you to retrieve a wide variety of reporting data using the HTTP protocol. You can retrieve a high-level summary of the aggregate metrics; group the metrics by various parameters; or order them by various conditions. The UI’s powerful drill-down capability is mirrored in the Metrics API by applying various filters to each of these reports. The reports included in the HTTP response are in JSON format.

Reporting Data Using the Metrics API

This section provides instructions to view the engagement data generated in the tutorial in Tracking Engagement for HTTP using the REST API, instead of the UI. It introduces the Metrics API, which provides the means for retrieving the statistical, real-time data captured by Momentum.


Engagement events are emitted by Message Generation, which is licensed separately from the core Momentum platform. For this tutorial, you must have Message Generation.

This tutorial assumes that you have completed the tutorial in Tracking Engagement for HTTP . A general knowledge of command line tools, JSON, and HTTP protocol is required.

You must have a valid API key to complete this tutorial. If you do not, see Creating an API Key .

Follow these steps to report data using the Metrics API:

  1. Request reporting data.

    You retrieve the reporting data by sending a HTTP GET request to the appropriate URL. The path part specifies which REST API to use. For example to access the Metrics API, you send an HTTP request to http://your.server.domain/api/v1/metrics/.

    You can retrieve deliverability metrics that are specific to click events by providing the URI of the link in the GET method.

    At the command line, enter the following command:

    curl -X GET "https://your.server.domain/api/v1/metrics/deliverability/link-name?from=your_date&metrics=count_clicked"
    -H "Authorization: your_api_key"

    where your_date is in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM, and your_api_key is your valid API key.

  2. Confirm engagement tracking data.

    Confirm that you received the following response at the command line:


    This response shows that there was one unique click for the link to

Congratulations! You have successfully retrieved reporting data using the Metrics API. This tutorial demonstrated retrieving data for only one event type. The Metrics API supports many different reports. For detailed information about all the reporting options, see the Metrics API documentation available at Momentum 4 REST API.

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