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Creating Custom Console Commands

Last updated March 2020

In addition to the built-in console commands, you can create your own commands using the Lua function msys.registerControl. If, for example, you have domains that are heavily throttled and discard messages that are over the limit, you can create a console command to push emails for these domains into the delayed queue:


local function delay_domain(cc)
  local domain = cc.argv[1];
  local dr = msys.core.dns_get_domain(domain);

  if dr ~= nil then
    print ("Domain delayed as requested");
    msys.core.mail_queue_delay_domain(dr, "451 4.4.1 [internal] manually delayed domain");

msys.registerControl("delay_domain", delay_domain);

This code creates the ec_console command: delay_domain domain .

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