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syslog_io – The syslog_io Module

Last updated March 2020

syslog_io is a wrapper module that uses the syslog library routines to log to the system logger facility.


The following is an example configuration:

syslog_io {
  ident = "ecelerity" # the default
  default_facility = "mail" # the default

The following configuration options are available:


The default_facility. The default value is mail.


The identification string. The default value is ecelerity.

When this module is enabled, you can use the syslog:// wrapper to write paniclog entries to the system log. You can override the default facility via an URL parameter, and optionally set the priority (the default value is error). For example:

ec_logger "ec_logger1" {
  paniclog = "syslog://?facility=mail&priority=error"

The facilities and priorities are the standard syslog values. Not all facilities are available on all systems.


Be careful using this wrapper for the mainlog or rejectlog as the volume is likely to swamp the system logger.

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