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response_transcode – Module

Last updated March 2020

The response_transcode module can be used to work around broken remote servers that send incorrect response codes. For example, with you can change a hard bounce to a soft bounce, enabling you to log the bounce in order to later resend the message.


Since it is possible to rewrite permanent errors as temporary errors, use this module carefully. Resubmitting mail that a remote server has already rejected with a permanent error can be seen as a hostile action.


This module is loaded automatically as required and does not need to be explicitly included.

response_transcode {


You can transcode "[internal]" transient failures but you cannot transcode "[internal]" permanent failures. For a listing of "[internal]" failures see Message Responses .

The following configuration options are available:


For more information, see response_transcode_pattern.


For more information, see response_transcode_replace.


If you reference either option, the response_transcode module will be loaded automatically.

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