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ilf_logger – Incremental License Fee Logging

Last updated March 2020

The Incremental License Fee (ilf) logger module is designed for users who have usage-based licenses. It provides an easy way to comply with the usage reporting requirements contained in the agreement with Message Systems. Usage files are written to /var/log/ecelerity/ilf. Bundle these files and sent them to Message Systems as appropriate.

In its default configuration, this module collects data on a daily basis. The following information is captured:

  • SMTP Receptions

  • SMTP Deliveries

  • SMPP Receptions

  • SMPP Deliveries

  • MM7 Receptions

  • MM7 Deliveries

  • Push Deliveries


The ilf_logger module is configured through a configuration file using a stanza such as:

ilf_logger {
  write_interval = 60
  filename_format = "/var/log/ecelerity/ilf/%m-%d-%Y.ilfdata"

The following are configuration options valid in the ilf_logger scope:


Set the name and location of the log files. Default value is /var/log/ecelerity/ilf/%m-%d-%Y.ilfdata.


How often to write to file. Default value is 60 seconds.

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