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ha_proxy_client - HAProxy protocol client module

Last updated October 2021


  • When configured for a binding or binding group Momentum will connect to the given ha_proxy_server and prefix the SMTP session with a PROXY protocol version 2 header.
  • The dst_addr and dst_port will be filled in with the resolved MX, the src_addr will be filled in with the configured value of ha_proxy_src_addr if the destination family is IPV4, or ha_proxy_ipv6_src_addr if the destination family is IPV6. If you need to deliver to both IPV4 and IPV6 destinations then you must configure both options for the binding or binding_group.
  • The ha_proxy_bypass option allows you to bypass the proxy and follow the normal delivery method on a domain by domain basis.
  • It is the customers responsibility to configure a listener at ha_proxy_server that listens for PROXY protocol and forwards traffic based on dst_addr:dst_port.

A simple example configuration for HAProxy would be:

# listen to proxy protocol and forward to backend
frontend  main
    bind *:5000 accept-proxy
    mode tcp
    default_backend     out

# forward to the destination using the clientip
# from proxy protocol as the source address 
backend out
    mode tcp
    source usesrc clientip
    server foo

A simple example configuration to use that HAProxy in a binding would be:

binding {
  ha_proxy_server = ""
  ha_proxy_src_addr = ""
  ha_proxy_ipv6_src_addr = "490c:d8fe:9906:6b57:3f5f:4d00:5b26:aae5"
  Domain {
    ha_proxy_bypass = "true"

Health Check

The module supports a configurable health check.

  • In order to flip the state of a server from plumbed to unplumbed, a certain number of consecutive failures or successes must be met. The configurations health_check_failure_threshold and health_check_success_threshold define the number of said failures or successes to be met.
  • Health check will happen periodically, as defined by the health_check_interval configuration in seconds.
  • All health checks will follow a specified health_check_timeout period defined in seconds. Health checks will be aborted once this timeout threshold is met.

ha_proxy_client {
  health_check_failure_threshold = "3"
  health_check_interval = "5"
  health_check_timeout = "1"
  health_check_success_threshold = "3"
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