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ac_auth – Authentication Handler

Last updated March 2020

**Configuration Change. ** This feature is available in Momentum 4.2 and later.

The ac_auth module provides an auth handler that enables a Lua module to hook into the authentication mechanism, but with the advantage of having access to the validation context.


ac_auth registers the authentication URI scheme "ac_auth", so you can reference it for authentication in ecelerity.conf as shown in the following example:

ac_auth {}
Esmtp_Listener {
  SMTP_Extensions = ( "AUTH LOGIN" )
  AuthLoginParameters = [
    uri = "ac_auth://"
    log_authentication = "true"
HTTP_Listener {
  enable_authentication = true
  Log_Requests_to_Paniclog = true
  AuthPlainParameters = [
    uri = "ac_auth://"
    log_authentication = "true"

Custom Auth Handler

To access the hook from Lua, register a module table that includes a function with the following prototype:

function mod:ac_auth_perform_auth(username, password, ac, response)

Note that the response is an ec_string and therefore appears in Lua as an msys.core:_ec_string.

The following is a short Lua example to provide a custom auth handler:

local msys = require 'msys'

local mod = {}

function mod:ac_auth_perform_auth(username, password, ac, response)

  print('mod:ac_auth_perform_auth', username, password, ac.remote_addr)

  if username ~= 'Test User' or password ~= 'test2006' then

    if password == 'testx' then
      local res = '531 Get out of town'
      response:write(res, #res)

    return msys.core.EC_AUTH_FAIL

  return msys.core.EC_AUTH_OK

function mod:ac_auth_log_auth_failure(username, ac, response)
  print('auth failure', username, response)

msys.registerModule("test_ac_auth", mod)

To implement any action, you must load the Lua script that hooks ac_auth_perform_auth or ac_auth_log_auth_failure; e.g., “"ac_auth" in ecelerity.conf”.

In the ac_auth_perform_auth hook, you can access the validate context from Lua as in the following example:

local mc, vctx
if ac.protocol == msys.core.P_ESMTP then
  mc = msys.core.accept_construct_get_message_construct(ac)
if mc then
  vctx = mc.ctx
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