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Last updated March 2020

The rejectlog stores records of inbound messages that are rejected by Momentum, either due to policy or protocol deviations. It lists the full context for all rejected messages, as well as a summary of why the message was rejected, and it is configured in the ec_logger.

Rejection Records

A rejection line is written to the rejectlog for every rejection that Momentum performs. The fields in the log entry are delimited by spaces, such as the following:

1236672125: R="" L="" C="18/00-07149-D7E16B94" PATH="default" »
PATH_GRP="default" P="awaiting mailfrom" E=550 M=scriptlet »
CTXCONN=[pathway=default,ehlo_string="EHLO rh52-node1",ehlo_domain=rh52-node1] »
CTXMESS=[mailfrom_domain=,mailfrom_string="MAIL FROM:<>",mailfrom_localpart=] relaying denied

The following is a description of the fields:

OffsetExample FieldDescription
01236672125:Date of delivery in Unix timestamp format (seconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970)
1R=""Remote IP:port
2L=""Local IP:port
3C="18/00-07149-D7E16B94"Connection ID
5PATH_GRP="default"Pathway Group
6P="awaiting mailfrom"Phase
7E=550Error Code
8M=scriptletLast module run
9CTXCONN=[pathway=default,ehlo_string="EHLO rh52-node1",ehlo_domain=rh52-node1]Validation Context for connection
10CTXMESS=[mailfrom_domain=,mailfrom_string="MAIL FROM:<>",mailfrom_localpart=]Validation Context for message
11relaying deniedError message

Heartbeat Records

In addition to the record described in the previous section, a heartbeat is written periodically to the log, indicating that Momentum is still active and may log further data. The log entry is in the following format:

1252064908: Marker 1

The Marker 1 entry follows the Unix timestamp and is separated from it by a space.

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