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Last updated March 2020

The paniclog is a debugging log in which system events are logged depending on the level of Debug_Flags set in your configuration. It is configured in the ec_logger.

Under normal circumstances, Debug_Flags should be empty or should be omitted from the ecelerity.conf file. For debugging purposes, set up Debug_Flags as described in debug_flags. When a problem event occurs and it is within the logging level set by the Debug_Flags option, the event is written to the paniclog. Excepting informational startup messages, the paniclog should be empty under normal circumstances. It is recommended that you periodically check your paniclog to look for any anomalous events.

In addition, Momentum logs entries to the paniclog when the log_requests_to_paniclog option is enabled in the HTTP_Listener and its nested scopes.

Panic Records

A line is written to the paniclog for every system event, when enabled in the configuration. The fields in the log entry are delimited by spaces.

The following is an example entry for an HTTP request when log_requests_to_paniclog is set to true:

1307461172: "POST api/v1/transmissions HTTP/1.1" 200 224 5.000

The following is a description of the fields:

OffsetExample FieldDescription
01307461172:Date of delivery in Unix timestamp format (seconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970)
1192.168.0.197IP address where the injection originated
2POSTHTTP request method
3api/v1/transmissionsHTTP request URL path
4HTTP/1.0HTTP version of the request
5200HTTP response status code
6224Total number of bytes of the response
75.000Time taken from request to response in milliseconds
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