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Last updated March 2020

The importlog records the outcome of a spool import operation. It is configured in the ec_logger.

Import Records

The following is a description of the fields:

OffsetExample FieldDescription
01064869327Date of the event in Unix timestamp format (seconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970)

Message's original in-spool message-id

(This is a unique value per message and corresponds with its location in the spool being imported.)

| | 2 | I | I indicates that this log line is an import event. | | 3 | 00/00-25004-31B987F3 |

Message's new in-spool message-id

(This is usually the same as the message-id recorded in field 1, but may be altered during import to avoid collisions with existing messages with the same identifier.)

| | 4 | 1 |

Result indicator

(This is a number between 1 and 4 with the following meanings: 1 is complete success, 2 indicates failure during the read of metadata, 3 is failure reading the message from the spool. and 4 is failure writing the message into the main Momentum spool.)

| | 5 | /var/spool/my-alternative-spool | Base directory containing the spool being imported |

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