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Last updated March 2020

The httplog logs HTTP requests and responses. It is configured in the http_logger module.

HTTP Records

A line is written to the httplog for every HTTP request and response.

The fields in the log entry are delimited by spaces, such as the following:

1398088802 *:2081 "POST api/v1/transmissions HTTP/1.0" 500 332 1045.000

The following is a description of the fields:

OffsetExample FieldDescription
01398088802Date of the HTTP request in Unix timestamp format (seconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970) IP and port
2*:2081Local IP and port
3POSTHTTP request method
4api/v1/transmissionsHTTP request URL path
5HTTP/1.0HTTP version of the request
6500HTTP response status code
7332Total number of bytes of the response
81045.000Time taken from request to response in milliseconds
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