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Last updated March 2020

When a user selects "Mark as Spam", the ISP generates a notification email and sends it to one of the recipients defined by the Addresses option in the fbl module. When Momentum receives the message, it extracts the X-MSFBL header, decodes it, and then logs it.

fbl Records

A line is written to the fbllog for every ARF message received. The log entry is an @ delimited string, such as the following:


The following is a description of the fields:

OffsetExample FieldDescription
01224699438Date of reception in Unix timestamp format (seconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970)
118/00-02937-E2E6FF84Message ID
2FF indicating an FBL entry
3someoneOriginal recipient local part
4test.comOriginal recipient domain
5defaultBinding on which the message was sent
6defaultBinding group on which the message was sent
7abuseFeedback type
8yahoo.comDomain to which the FBL message was sent
9trueUser-defined string
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