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Log Aggregation

Last updated March 2020

The log aggregation capability of the cluster provides a reliable, durable centralized logging facility. The default cluster configuration implements centralized logging in addition to the regular loggers and maintains its own local logs in the usual location.

There is no requirement that log aggregation be enabled. These logs are gathered for the customer's own use and are not used by any Momentum software. However, log aggregation means that you can see any log from any node on any date by going to the /var/log/eccluster directory on the log aggregator (if you use the default configuration).

Configuring Log Aggregation

The following elements are required in order to aggregate log files on the log aggregator:

  • Define logger modules in ecelerity-cluster.conf. See Aggregated Cluster Node Logging .

  • Define the logs dictionary within the cluster module scope in ecelerity-cluster.conf See logs .

    You can view the configuration by issuing the console command config show cluster from the console on a cluster node.

  • Define the Logs stanza in eccluster.conf. See Log Aggregation .

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