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Rotating Logfiles

Last updated March 2020

Several non-rotated logfiles are generated by components installed with Momentum 4. You must set up log rotation for these logfiles to prevent them from growing very large over time. For a list of the non-rotated logfiles, see Rotating Logs ec_rotate .

Follow the steps below to set up log rotation for Vertica.

  1. Create an empty file.

    touch /opt/vertica/config/logrotate/msys

  2. Apply read/write permissions to the new file.

    chmod a+rw /opt/vertica/config/logrotate/msys

  3. Change to the vertica_dba account.

    sudo su - vertica_dba

  4. Set up weekly log rotation on the msys database. Also set files older than 12 days to be deleted.

    admintools -t logrotate -d msys -r weekly -k 12


The log is only rotated if it is over 10M.

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