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Hardware Deployment Configuration

Last updated March 2020

The Single Node Lab system is designed to support multiple functions in your environment, including development, testing staging, and other non-production roles. The system deploys to a single server supporting all Momentum functionality. The Single Node Lab System should not be used for performance testing, nor is it recommended for production use due to its lack of redundancy.

ResourceMinimum Specification
CPU8 x 2.5 GHz Cores (Min Speed)
Memory32 GB RAM
Network Interface1 GB NIC

ArrayConfigurationMount Points and Notes
All Storage4 x 150 GB 15k RPM HDD 
Message Spools2 x 150 GB in RAID1


Note: This array should be dedicated to the spools.

| | OS, App Binaries, Logs, Platform DB, Analytics DB | 2 x 150 GB in RAID1 |

  • OS - / (root)

  • Logs - /var/log/ecelerity

  • App Binaries - /opt./msys

  • Platform DB - /var/db/cassandra

  • Analytics DB - /var/db/vertica


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