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Download the Software Bundle and Prepare

Last updated March 2020

Whether you intend to perform a new install or an upgrade you need to download the software bundle on all nodes .

  1. Download the appropriate Momentum software bundle from the Message Systems Support website for every node that you will install or upgrade.

  2. Copy the bundle to the /var/tmp directory on each of the nodes.

    NOTE: Here, and throughout the installation documentation, specific releases and revisions shown are just examples, and your appropriate Momentum software bundle will be different.

    cp momentum-bundle- /var/tmp/

  3. Unpack the tarball on each node, set the repository directory, and create a "convenience file".

    cd /var/tmp
    tar -zxf momentum-bundle-
    cd momentum-
    pwd >/var/tmp/inst.dir
  4. Confirm your valid Momentum license file is in the /opt/msys/ecelerity/etc folder on each MTA node. Your licenses should be pulled automatically once they have been issued.

    If your node does not have public internet access during installation, you will need to add your valid Momentum license files manually.

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