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suspend_delivery — prevent outbound mail delivery


Suspend_Delivery = "false"


When set to true, this directive forces Momentum not to attempt any deliveries in the scope it is configured. Default value is false.

The following example suspends delivery for a specific binding within a binding_group:

Binding_Group "ExampleGroup" {
  Suspend_Delivery = "false"
  Binding "example1"
    Bind_Address = ""
    Suspend_Delivery = "true"
  Binding "example2"
    Bind_Address = ""


Within a binding_group, non-suspended bindings are preferred over suspended bindings. In the example above, messages will not be queued for binding example1.

You can suspend delivery from the system console by issuing the command: config set [scope scope_name] Suspend_Delivery true . This can be useful for temporarily suspending deliveries for a specific domain. Setting Suspend_Delivery to false will resume delivery for all queued messages.


Note that using this option in the global scope also suspends the #mmove function that transfers messages between nodes in a cluster configuration.

You can also suspend delivery for the default binding by using configuration below:

binding "default" {
  suspend_delivery = true

For more information on the default binding, see the section called “default Binding”.


suspend_delivery is valid in the binding, binding_group, domain, and global scopes.

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