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Last updated March 2020


server_reserve_outbound_connections — sets the server-wide connection limit reserve


Server_Reserve_Outbound_Connections = 200


Server_Reserve_Outbound_Connections configures the server-wide connection limit reserve. The sum of Server_Reserve_Outbound_Connections and Server_Max_Outbound_Connections is used to set the ceiling on the total number of outbound connections that Momentum will establish. The default value for this option is 200.


server_reserve_outbound_connections must be set to 0 in order for scope_max_outbound_connections to work properly in the Global::Domain scope. However, when server_reserve_outbound_connections is set to 0 and the server is under load, low volume domains may be starved of connections.

It is recommended that you leave this value as is and alter Server_Max_Outbound_Connections at either the global scope or within a given binding instead.


server_reserve_outbound_connections is valid in the global scope.

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