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send_8bitmime — Enable advertising of 8BITMIME when sending mail


send_8bitmime = "no"

send_8bitmime = "ifavailable"


When set to ifavailable, if a message to be sent to a remote MTA contains 8-bit data and the remote MTA advertises support for 8BITMIME, then Momentum will add BODY=8BITMIME to the MAIL FROM portion of the SMTP conversation. This has the effect of informing the remote MTA that 8-bit data will be forthcoming.

When set to no, then Momentum will not add the parameter to the MAIL FROM.


This option has no effect on whether 7-bit or 8-bit data is actually sent, it only affects whether the remote MTA is informed about 8-bit data. Use the Transform_8BitMime_Content to control 7-bit downconversion.

The default value is no.

For RFC 1652 compliance you should set Send_8BitMime to ifavailable and Transform_8BitMime_Content to ifneeded.


send_8bitmime is valid in the global, binding_group, binding, and domain scopes.

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