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rfc2822_max_line_length_policy — determine how non-RFC-compliant line lengths are handled


rfc2822_max_line_length_policy = "none"


This option defines how messages with non-RFC-compliant line lengths are handled. When set to none, messages are processed as usual. When set to fix, Momentum will attempt to fix the body of the message. When set to reject, messages with non-RFC-compliant line lengths are rejected.

When rfc2822_max_line_length_policy is set to a value other than none, it is recommended that rfc2822_max_line_length be set to a numeric value greater than the RFC guideline. For example, rfc2822_max_line_length = 2048.

The default value for this option is none.


rfc2822_max_line_length_policy is valid in the global, pathway, and pathway_group scopes.

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