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resolv_conf — specify a custom resolv.conf


resolv_conf = "/my/resolv.conf"


This directive instructs Momentum to initialize its internal resolver with the configuration information located in the filename specified instead of /etc/resolv.conf on Unix-like platforms.

Configuration Options

Momentum supports one option above what resolv.conf(5) supports, as well as a subset of the standard options. The list below constitutes all of the options that Momentum's library supports; details of the standard options can be found in the man page for resolv.conf.

`nameserver` , `search domain1.tld domain2.tld` , `domain localdomain.tld` , `sortlist`

Identical to the resolv.conf(5) usage.

`lookup bf`

Determines the order in which nameserver lookups are done. The default order is DNS then /etc/hosts, and corresponds to the string bf. You can reverse that order by using lookup fb.

`options ndots:1` , `options timeout:5` , `options attempts:2`

Identical to the resolv.conf(5) usage.

`options retrans:5`

Alias for options timeout:5

`options retry:2`

Alias for options attempts:2


resolve_conf is valid in the global scope.

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