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relay_domains — configure the list of domains for which Momentum relays mail


relay_domains = ( "*" "" )


When Momentum is configured as an inbound mail relay or gateway, it is necessary to specify for which domains you are willing to accept mail. Accepting mail from anyone for any destination would make you an open relay and vulnerable to abuse.

With the relay_domains option, you may specify a list of domains and left-globbed domains for which the instance will relay mail (accept for delivery). Left-globbed domains are of the form *fixed.ending. For example, * would not match (as the dot is required) but would match,,, etc. * would match However, it would also match, which is usually undesirable, so in most cases the asterisk should be followed by a period.

If a domain is specified as a relay domain any incoming message that has its envelope to set to that domain, will be relayed. This setting works independently of the relay_hosts setting.

To accept mail for the domain and all subdomains under it, specify:

relay_domains = ( * )


Any addresses set in the addresses option of the “fbl - Feedback Loop” must be set in the relay_domains option.


relay_domains is valid in the global, pathway_group, and pathway scopes.

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