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never_attempt_expired_messages — Never attempt delivery of expired messages


Never_Attempt_Expired_Messages = "false"


Momentum's default behavior is to always attempt delivery of a message when it gets to the front of the queue, regardless of whether or not it should have expired based on the values of message_expiration and max_retries. This may be desirable for some users, however it can have a side-effect of message queues for 'slow' receiver domains to grow very large, and contain messages that are many times older than the server's policy says they should be. Setting Never_Attempt_Expired_Messages to true will change this behavior, causing Momentum to not attempt delivery of a message if it should have already expired. When this option is set to true, log entries that have expired and reach the front of the queue will fail with the message "Delivery not attempted (message expired)".


Under certain circumstances, using this feature can cause some messages to never have delivery attempted.


never_attempt_expired_messages is valid in the binding, binding_group, domain and global scopes.

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