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max_retry_interval — maximum retry interval


Max_Retry_Interval = "43200"


The maximum interval between successive retries for a message. This provides a cap on the effective retry calculated from Retry_Interval. The default value for this option is 43200 seconds (12 hours).


Note that the Max_Retries setting has a bearing on this option. The default value for Max_Retries is "auto" so be sure to change it to a positive integer or "none" if you plan to use Max_Retry_Interval. When Max_Retries is set to a positive integer, messages expire within Messsage_Expiration seconds or after the specified number of retries, whichever occurs first. When Max_Retries is "none" there is no limit on the number of retries of a message; the message will expire by Message_Expiration only.

Consider the following configuration snippet:

Retry_Interval = 1200
Max_Retry_Interval = 1200
Max_Retries = 5

Given this configuration, a bounced message will be retried every 1200 seconds and will expire in 6000 seconds unless Message_Expiration is set to a value lower than 6000. In which case, the message will expire in Messsage_Expiration seconds. "Max_Retry_Interval" caps "Retry_Interval" at 1200. Without it a bounced message would expire in 37200 seconds (unless Messsage_Expiration is less than this number) because the retry interval is doubled each time as follows:



max_retry_interval is valid in the binding, binding_group, domain and global scopes.

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