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max_resident_messages — threshold above which messages are not held in memory


max_resident_messages = 32768


max_resident_messages is used to control the maximum number of messages held concurrently in memory. A value of 0 sets no limit. A rough guide to setting this option is to divide the maximum amount of RAM that you want to reserve for messages by your growbuf_size. For more information about the growbuf_size option see growbuf_size.

The default value is 32768. However, this value is typically overridden in the ecelerity.conf file and set to 65536.


This is an advanced option. Setting this option to small non-zero values can have deleterious effects on performance. Thorough testing is recommended prior to deployment in a production environment.


max_resident_messages is valid in the binding, binding_group and global scopes.

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