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event_loop — associate a pool of event loops within a listener scope to use multiple threads


event_loop = "pool_name"



To use this option, you must have a Supercharger license.

This option is used in a multiple event loop configuration. To configure threading for email reception, assign event_loop the name of your eventloop inside a listener scope. Note that the name must match what was defined in the EventLoop configuration. See eventloop.

The following is an example configuration clause:

ESMTP_Listener {
  # Multi-threading - use event loops in ESMTP listener
  event_loop = "event_loops"


For an example multiple event loop configuration, see Configuring Multiple Event Loops .


If you change the value of event_loop at runtime, you must restart the ecelerity process using the executable command ec_ctl. Note: issuing the ec_console command config reload will not work.

There is no default value for this option.


event_loop is valid in the esmtp_listener, the ecstream_listener, the http_listener and the listen scopes within those scopes.

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