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bounce_pattern — configure the pattern that inbound email addresses must match in order to be considered bounces.


Bounce_Pattern = "Perl-compatible regular expression"


When a message passed through the server bounces due to an in-band SMTP failure or is received out-of-band as a notification of failed delivery, this option will qualify the "original sending" email address as suitable for bounce classification and processing. For in-band bounces, the "original sending" email address is the envelope sender. For out-of-band delivery failures the "original sending" address is the envelope recipient. The ultimate behavior of bounce handling is dictated by the the Bounce_Behavior configuration setting.

If you leave the Bounce_Pattern setting unconfigured, then any mail to any of the Bounce_Domains will be considered a bounce, and processed as such.

To treat all mails originally sent from an email address like as eligible for bounce processing, you would specify:

Bounce_Domains = ( )
Bounce_Pattern = "^bounces-\d+-\d+@"


bounce_pattern is valid in the domain and global scopes.

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