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blackhole — blackhole mail


Blackhole = "false"

Blackhole = "true"

Blackhole = "inline"

Blackhole = "internal"


This option may be specified globally or inside a domain, binding_group or binding stanza. If specified in the domain scope, Momentum immediately fails all messages queued for that domain. Likewise, if it is specified in the binding or binding_group scope. If Generate_Bounces is true, then a bounce message will be generated for each message failed.

If this option is set to inline, messages are failed permanently during the SMTP transaction (upon reception), immediately after receiving the RCPT TO command.

If internal is specified, the message is accepted and internally dropped. The normal message failure operations such as logging, still take place.

The default value for this option is false. Specifying true is equivalent to specifying inline.


Blackhole is valid in the binding, binding_group, domain and global scopes.

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