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bind_address — source address for outbound connections


Bind_Address = ""

Bind_Address = "fe80::a00:1"

Bind_Address = ""


Configures the source address that Momentum uses for outbound connections. When specified at the global scope, Bind_Address configures the source IP for the default binding. When specified in a Binding stanza, the source IP for that binding will be configured.

This option must be present in a Binding stanza to dictate which IP address that named binding represents. If bind_address is defined in the global scope it is the fallback value; the kernel chooses the value only if bind_address is not set in either the binding stanza or the global scope.

The default for this option is *, which corresponds to INADDR_ANY (or its IPv6 equivalent); the actual address used in that case is determined by the operating system kernel based on the destination address.


You must restart ecelerity whenever you make a change to a


If the delivery of a message requires contacting a machine on a private network (on a multi-homed machine) and the bind address specified is a public IP address, the internal address may be considered "unroutable" and all messages destined for that IP address will subsequently be undeliverable.


bind_address is valid in the global, binding_group, and binding scopes.

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