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adaptive_backstore_leveldb — use LevelDB as the backing store for Adaptive Delivery


adaptive_backstore_leveldb { path = "/var/log/ecelerity/adaptive.leveldb" }


Riak is the default backing store for the adaptive module. In some circumstances, it may not provide the required level of performance. As an alternate backing store, you can use LevelDB on Linux. To use LevelDB, add the following stanza to your ecelerity.conf file:

adaptive_backstore_leveldb {
  path = "/var/log/ecelerity/adaptive.leveldb"

path identifies the LevelDB database and is the only option in the adaptive_backstore_leveldb scope. Default value is /var/log/ecelerity/adaptive.leveldb.


Please consult with support before reconfiguring Momentum as described here. The LevelDB package can be used only as a replacement backing store for the adaptive module. If you are using Mobile Momentum, Riak continues to be used for message resubmission. LevelDB is not cluster aware.


adaptive_backstore_leveldb is valid in the global scope.

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