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Centralized Logging Example

Last updated March 2020

This section provides an example of log aggregation when a custom_logger and an fbl module are defined.

The following is an example configuration for the custom_logger module:

custom_logger "custom_logger1" {
  permanent_failure_logfile = "cluster:///var/log/ecelerity/custombounce.cluster=>master"
  permanent_failure_format  = "%t@%i@%BI@%CI@B@%r@%R@%m@%M@%g@%b@%c@%C@%B@%H@%h{X-campaignid} »
  transient_failure_logfile = "cluster:///var/log/ecelerity/custombounce.cluster=>master"
  transient_failure_format  = "%t@%i@%BI@%CI@T@%r@%R@%m@%M@%g@%b@%c@%C@%B@%H@%h{X-campaignid} »

Note: The format options in the custom_logger module above should be unbroken in your configuration file.

The following is an example configuration for the fbl module:

fbl {
  Auto_Log = true # default is "false"
  Log_Path = "cluster:///var/log/ecelerity/fbllog.cluster=>master"
  Addresses = ( “^.*” ) # default is unset
  Header_Name = “X-MSFBL” # this is the default
  User_String = “%{vctx_mess:my_context_variable}” # default is unset
  Message_Disposition = “blackhole” # default is blackhole, also allowed to set to "pass"
  Condition = “can_relay” # default is unset, should be name of a vctx entry

Given the above configuration for the custom_logger module and the fbl module, you would configure the cluster logs in the following way:

cluster {
  cluster_group = ec_cluster
  control_group = ec_console
  logs = [
    rejectlog = "/var/log/ecelerity/rejectlog.cluster"
    paniclog = "/var/log/ecelerity/paniclog.cluster"
    mainlog = "/var/log/ecelerity/mainlog.cluster"
    acctlog = "/var/log/ecelerity/acctlog.cluster"
    bouncelog = "/var/log/ecelerity/bouncelog.cluster"
    fbllog = "/var/log/ecelerity/fbllog.cluster"
    custombounce = "/var/log/ecelerity/custombounce.cluster"

If the logfile option in the Logs scope is configured as shown in eccluster.conf File”, you will have access to the fbl logs of node1 belonging to subcluster mysubcluster in the /var/log/eccluster/year/mon/day/fbllog/mycluster/node1 directory on the log aggregator.

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