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Verifying Analytics Node Requirements

Last updated March 2020

Analytics nodes have very specific requirements for the HP Vertica Analytic Database. Ensure that the node is suitable for Vertica prior to installation.

First, verify that each Vertica/Analytics node contains at least 8GB of RAM overall and at least 2GB of RAM per CPU.

Next run the validate_vertica_node script to ensure that the node's hardware is properly configured for Vertica. You can get this script from the Message Systems Support Download page. Click on Momentum 4.0.0, then click on 'Script to validate if the Analytics software can be installed on a server'. Please note: you will need to run chmod +x validate_vertica_node to make the script executable.

This validation script checks that these requirements have been met. After you download the script to the target server, ensure that it is executable and execute it. An unsuitable node will display errors such as the following:

Checking node.lan suitability for installing Vertica
    FAIL (S0150):
        These disks do not have 'deadline' or 'noop' IO scheduling: '/dev/sda1,/dev/sda2'
    FAIL (S0020):
        Readahead size of /dev/sda2 is too low for typical systems: 256 < 2048
    FAIL (S0020):
        Readahead size of /dev/sda1 is too low for typical systems: 256 < 2048
    FAIL (S0180):
        Insufficient swap size. Need 2.00 GB, have 0 GB
    FAIL (S0081):
        SELinux appears to be enabled and not in permissive mode.
    FAIL (S0310):
        Transparent hugepages is set to 'always'. Must be 'never' or 'madvise'.
    FAIL (S0030):
        ntpd process is not running: ['ntpd', 'ntp']

When FAIL is returned, check the referenced URL for a detailed description of the error. The failures shown above relate to:

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