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Configuring Momentum to Use the Injector

Last updated March 2020

Messages are injected into Momentum by activating the httpsrv, restinjector and HTTP_Listener modules. A simple configuration follows:

# Set the debugging level for the http server
httpsrv {debug_level = "debug"}

# Set up the http listener
HTTP_Listener {
  Listen ":8081" {}

# Activate the REST API for injection
restinjector {}

Manually changing the ecelerity.conf file is described in "Best Practices for Manually Changing Configuration Files". You can also make these changes through the Momentum web console.


Unlike the SMTP listener, there is no mcmt_reception option within the HTTP_Listener scope. This listener is always MCMT enabled .

Configuration is described in detail in the following sections.

The httpsrv and restinjector Modules

These modules only support the two options common to all modules, namely enabled and debug_level. In “Configuring Momentum for REST Injection” the debug level is set to debug for test purposes only.

For more information about the debug_level option see "Module Debugging".


Setting the debug_level to debug results in numerous entries and can quickly use up disk space.

If you are adding these modules through the web UI, you must add the httpsrv module and commit this change before you can add the HTTP_Listener.

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