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You can monitor and configure Momentum from a web browser. The web console provides a convenient interface useful for viewing graphical representations of the state of Momentum, changing configuration options, viewing logs and reports and numerous other tasks.

You can open the web console from the server hosting the application or from elsewhere if remote access is allowed. Open the web console by pointing your web browser at the appropriate IP address or domain name.


As of version 3.2, during installation you can choose to require use of SSL for the web UI. If you are using SSL be sure to use the HTTPS protocol when logging in.

Log in to the web console using the admin credentials created during installation. The default value for the username is admin and the password is whatever you chose during installation. To change these credentials or add a new user see “Administering Users From the Web Console”. If the web console is not running, see “Starting the Web Console”.

To function properly, the web UI requires a recent version of Flash. On some Linux distributions you may need to upgrade this component.


The Momentum web UI supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox version 3.6 and higher on PC and Mac

  • Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9

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