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smtp_callback_verify — Perform smtp callback on an email address


smtp_callback_verify { email_address } [ sender_address ]


smtp_callback_verify performs a smtp callback on an email_address you specify. You need to load the “smtp_cbv – SMTP Callback Verification” module passively to use this action.

You can specify an optional sender_address to use as the MAIL FROM: address when performing the callback. If this argument is not specified, the default value in the config file will be used. Specifying this argument will not change the mailfrom value in the config file.

This action returns a stringlist, ["status", "message"]. status is one of pass, fail, transient, or error. message is the full DSN (Delivery Status Notification).

In the following script, a smtp callback is performed on all incoming mails with a NULL sender address. The ecelerity.conf for this setup looks something like the following:

smtp_cbv "smtp_cbv1" {
  Enabled = false
  phase = "mailfrom"

sieve "sieve1" {
  script "mailfrom_phase1" {
    source = "/path/to/myscript.siv"

and the contents of myscript.siv:

$from = envelope "from";
($rv) = smtp_callback_verify "${from}";
if ec_test :is "${rv}" "fail" {
  ec_action 550 "from address not reachable";

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